Sunday morningS On Campus

SUNDAYS // 9:00 AM & 10:45 AM

We are so excited to begin re-gathering together inside our auditorium! To help us organize volunteers and accommodate the Public Health Recommendations, as we ask that you please register for at least the next 3 weeks. (Don't worry, you won't have to register forever!)

Event Details:


Time: 9:00 AM & 10:45 AM

*Unable to join us? You can still join us for our LIVE streaming or catch the replay on Facebook and YouTube.


Space is limited, please register here.

Important Things to Know:

Physical Distance // Masks

It is of utmost importance that you abide by the county guidelines and stay home if you aren't

feeling well or have been in contact with someone who is sick. Please maintain social distancing and we will actively be encouraging masks.

Additional Info

We will have greeters ready help you find seats

Restrooms will be available.

Drinking fountains will be unavailable, however, we will have bottled waters available nearby.


Please email


What Will be Different about Indoor Gatherings?

Over time, you will notice our model temporarily shifting to accommodate health and safety guidelines. 

  • We will have entrance and exit specific doors, volunteers to help seat people ensuring proper distancing. 

  • We will also provide additional seating  overflow in the -lobby and the multipurpose building

  • In order to provide a “touch-less” experience, there will be a temporary pause on communion, coffee service, seat-back materials

Will the Kids Ministry open? 

At this point,  there will be a temporary pause on all kids and nursery programs, they will be welcome into the worship service with all of us!

Do we need to wear masks?

Yes- we are requesting everyone to wear a mask mirroring the CDC’s recommendation as they evolve. Please bring your own, those who do not have a mask when they arrive will be given one upon entrance. While we know everyone has different feelings on masks, we are grateful for your help in taking the best steps we can to ensure health and safety to all guests. 


How are you cleaning and prepping your building?

Our facilities team is taking every necessary precaution to maintain a safe and clean environment for any guest.  Prior to Sunday, the campus will undergo a deep and intensive cleaning. Between services on Sunday morning (once we are back to multiple services), we will have team members cleaning specific high-volume areas of our campus. Our auditorium seat rows are 3 feet apart, so we will close off every other row, and alternate the open rows for each Sunday service so you don’t have to sit in a seat that some else sat in 45 minutes before you. We will clean the armrests and other hard surfaces of chairs,  along with door handles and handrails in specific areas of our campus between Sundays.

Who can I contact if I have questions, concerns or needs?

We are here to help, please contact or call (916) 939-3527 and our team will be happy to connect. 

How can I give? Can I still get a giving envelope and give in person?

We will continue to encourage you to join others in moving your giving online. The giving boxes will still be available in the lobby,  but envelopes and pens will not be available. 

Is there a document that provides greater detail on Rolling Hills’ Re-entry plan? 

Yes, a more detailed plan for re-entry developed by our task force made up of key staff, board members and medical professionals is available here (note even these plans are rapidly evolving as new insights surface).